Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tutorials List

* Merry Yuletide

Merry Yuletide

           Sew together a piece of fabric and a piece of linen 
big enough for the entire pattern  
Repeat this step 3 more times.

  Place 2 pieces of fabric/linen right sides facing,  
transfer the whole pattern to the fabric 
and sew around the outline leaving the base open.

Turn inside out and cross stitch.

  Cut 2 pieces of fusible interfacing (heavy duty)
the same shape of the tree and iron on
 the side that you are not going to cross stitch.  
or you can cross stitch the tree first
 and then turn the fabric outside in again and iron on the fusible
Repeat one more time
using the other 2 pieces of fabric/linen.
 Close the bottom.

         Place the finished tree one over the other one (aligned perfectly)
 and sew them together in the middle vertically.
  I glued the tree on a wooden star with a glue gun.